We, FUJI KOKI CO.,LTD. (Hereafter FKC) shall handle all customer’s personal information properly, and recognize that complete protection of personal information is social accountability.
FKC decides privacy policy as blow;

1. Management of personal information

FKC provides developmental education for all our employees, appoints a person in charge of managing personal information and endeavors to manage personal information properly.

2. Security

FKC takes strict security measures for provided information, and reviews our system continuously, to prevent illegal-accesses, loss, misuse or damages to the entrusted information.

3. Purpose of collecting personal information and range of its use

When personal information is provided to FKC, its use (purpose, range of use, FKC contact) will be notified. Also, all provided information will be used for justifiable purpose only.

4. Escrow of personal information

FKC does not forward personal information to any third parties, except to FKC partners and its subsidiaries.

5. Provision of personal information

In case FKC provides personal information to third parties upon the customer’s agreement, FKC takes measurements to prevent personal information from being leaked from the third parties and re-provision.

6. Accuracy of personal information

In case customers, who provided personal information for FKC, request confirmation and/or revise their personal information, FKC deal with it in reasonable ranges, through our customer service personnel.

7. Compliance and continuous provision of our system

FKC complies with Japanese laws and legal standards to protect personal information. Also, reviews our contents of compliance program continuously to improve them.

8. Outside information campaign

FKC provides proper and concrete proposal about necessity to protect personal information for customers who would like to open their new website.

【 Reasons for collect personal information 】

FKC collect personal information for employment, sales activity and answer to inquiries, in the required range.

【 Disclosure of personal information 】

FKC protects any privacy. FKC does not sell and /or lend personal information. However, FKC may disclose personal information when it is required by a court of law, threat to national security.

【 Protecting personal information 】

FKC takes all administrative, technical and physical measures, to prevent loss, steal, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, falsification and destruction of personal information.

【 Cookie 】

FKC’s some web pages adopt “Cookies”, so that customers who visit FKC’s web site again can use our website more comfortably. “Cookies” is an industry-wide standard technology, which computer server identify customer’s computer.
“Cookies” distinguishes computers, but does not identify persons, unless a computer user admits personal information.
It is possible to reject “Cookies” depending on browser, but it causes that all or a part of our web pages may not be available.

Customer service contact;

Any comments and questions about FKC’s privacy policies, please contact following:


53-1 Wakamaiyamae Nishihagiwara Ichinomiya Aichi 4940011 Japan